The benefits of an onsite inspection.

Everyone works to get the best price for the highest quality product; this is understandable. What isn't acceptable is being quoted one price and then being hit with extras or items not included which should've been.

Issues like type of soil, slope of yards, existing items in the way: such as trees, rocks, old fencing, all affect your estimate.

Although there can be the possibilities of unforeseen conditions, usually this is not an issue.

We at Vinyl Fence Depot offer a no obligation, free of charge, onsite inspection to assure you are receiving the most accurate estimate possible.

We also bring samples for you to inspect and compare to the competition. We know we offer the strongest built vinyl products on the market. Our fencing materials are thicker than anyone else. This is how we are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Most importantly, our Sales Professionals are not there to sell you, just answer your questions and make sure you have enough information to make the right decision best for your property. NO HARD SALE!

So take a moment to fill out the form on the left and one of our representatives will contact you shortly during business hours.

Start improving the value of your home today with "Alternatives that last a lifetime".

Never Paint Again!!! No Fading... No Pealing... No Splinters... No Warping... No Shrinking... We Guarantee It... For A Lifetime!
Wood vs Vinyl - Compare!

Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence: Do They Cost the SAME? OF COURSE NOT! Vinyl Fencing costs much less than a well maintained natural wood fencing in about 5 years! Want to enjoy the beauty of your new fence without the maintenance of staining? Do you want to keep your investment in the fencing low by have a high ROI (return on investment - 65% vs 10%)?

Slinter Click on the following link to see a comparison chart and say goodbye to high maintenance.

Wood vs Vinyl - Click here to Compare

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Curb Appeal is Buy Appeal...

Curb appeal is all about first impressions. Whether you're trying to attract prospective buyers or want to create a welcoming feeling for your family and guests, as a manufacturer and installation contractor, Vinyl Fence Depot, will make this happen.

picket fence
Adding a sleek clean vinyl fence enhances your home both aesthetically and securely. Not all brands of vinyl fencing are the same, however. Low grade vinyl is notoriously vulnerable to degradation from exposure to high UV light and extreme temperatures making it brittle and causes cracking prematurely. Vinyl Fence Depot only offers the highest grade Vinyl Fencing materials available, thicker than the competition, our products will last a lifetime…We guarantee it!

How attractive is the exterior of your home? Call us to find out the many options available, pretty soon you’ll have a smile on your own face whenever you pull up to your house!

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About Us

Established in 1994, Vinyl Fence Depot has been manufacturing, fabricating and installing quality vinyl fencing products for over 18 years. As one of the first family-owned vinyl products companies, Vinyl Fence Depot takes pride in delivering a quality product with outstanding customer service.

Specializing in Vinyl Fencing, Railing, Decking, Patio Covers, Gazebos, Gates and Arbors, we take it to the next step by providing custom designs and layouts for each client. Since no two properties are symmetrical, we individually customize, fabricate and install each vinyl project for each client. Each member of our staff is a trained professional in design, layout and building codes which means to you, your project will be done right the first time while improving the value of your home.

Vinyl Fence Depot knows that in any industry, to be successful; you have to set yourself apart. Our philosophy is simple: exceed customers´ expectations and you build customers for life.

Visit our Van Nuys factory and showroom or our new Santa Clarita showroom to view samples or call us to arrange a free consultation at your property. Choosing the right product to accomplish your needs and improve your property value is an art. Our service professionals will not only get you there but will also make it fun to discover the possibilities.

At Vinyl Fence Depot we truly offer “Alternatives that last a Lifetime”.